Book as an adult visitor

Book as a junior visitor

Salle Paul welcomes visiting fencers either to supplement their existing training, as one-off visits for overseas fencers in London on business or holiday, or those who want to train during the school holidays.  You can either book a one off visitor pass, or consider taking out a one-month membership (Adult or Junior) depending on how many weeks that you want to train with Salle Paul fencers.  You do not need to compete for Salle Paul to join as a member.

All visiting fencers must be members of British Fencing, or have their own insurance through FIE or other national fencing governing bodies.  British Fencing or FIE standard fencing kit must be worn, including breeches and long socks. This is to comply with our insurance requirements for fencing. Please note, fencers need to provide their own breeches and socks but all other kit can be borrowed from the club at no additional cost (subject to availability, Salle Paul beginners take precedence with kit). Club foils are two pin, French grips, and provided generally for the use of beginner fencers.

Visiting fencers can either borrow Salle Paul club kit, or arrange to buy kit from the Leon Paul shop during the day and arrange to pick it up from the Salle Paul office for training in the evening.

Club foils are french grip, two-pin, and are ideal for beginners.  They may not be up to the usual standard expected by experienced fencers.