About Us

We are proud and excited to present our brand new Olympic Fencing Centre.

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    Days of fencing a year
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    Inches of Plasma :)
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    Meters of Piste
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    Ton's of aluminium

Salle Paul has moved

Salle Paul are now operating from the brand new Leon Paul Fencing centre, the most advanced and well equipped fencing salle in the world.. Say Hi, Email us

The fencing center in figures

  1. Olympic pistes 12
  2. Total pistes 24
  3. Meters of LED lighting 444
  4. Square meters1300
  5. LED's 26,640

  • The most advanced fencing center in the world, here in London.- Ben Paul
  • Home of Salle Paul established in 1931, who have trained multiple Olympic fencers.- Alex Paul