Doors open at 5.00PM from Monday to Thursdays and close at 10.00PM.  The sessions shown on the timetable below are to indicate when the majority of fencers in each age group or level of fencing are at the club. Each session starts with a footwork session – visitors are welcome to join in.

Fencers who are 14 or over and do not require adult supervision are welcome to arrive when the doors open, or to come earlier straight from school, to do homework in advance of training sessions.  There is a “quiet room” for homework and the fencing salle has free wifi (see club notice board for the password).

Salle Paul is open throughout the year except for Bank Holidays.  We are also closed between Christmas and New Year.

Please see our timetable below for regular sessions (sessions are Foil, unless otherwise specified):

 5:00    5:30   6:00  6:30   7:00 7:30 8:00
8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00


        Advanced / Open Group      
Adult Sabre Group


Spartans Intermediate Junior Group
Junior Club
Advanced / Open Group


Junior Sabre Group Adult Sabre Group
Intermediate Junior Group
Adult Social Group
Beginner Course


Spartans Junior Club
Intermediate Junior Group
Advanced / Open Group