Start fencing

We offer a range of ways to get you into this exciting sport

Adult fencing classes

Taster sessions

If you just want to give fencing a try then to see if it is for you then you can sign up for one of our taster sessions. You simply turn up wearing track bottoms, t-shirt and trainers and we will have you fencing by the end of the session. We provide all of the fencing kit you need and we promise to have you fencing another novice and getting a feel for this exciting and challenging sport by the end of the session.

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Adult beginner fencing courses

A beginner course lasts 4 weeks and the main aim of these classes is to get you fencing as soon as possible because our experience has shown that with a few basic key skills you can start to enjoy fencing right away. Many courses start with endless drills and practice sessions before you get to fence but this is not our ethos.

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Children beginner fencing courses

For children aged between 8 and 12 a childs course is the best way to get your child fencing. The courses a term to fit in with the school term.

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