Code of Conduct for Adult Fencers

Salle Paul fencers represent not only themselves but also Salle Paul Fencing Club. Whilst competing well and success are obviously important for many fencers, they are expected to conduct themselves with dignity, respect the opposition and promote the spirit of the sport at all times.

The following code sets out the standards expected. A Salle Paul fencer should…

        1. At all times be polite and courteous and respect the opposition. Remember always to salute the referee and the opponent before every fight, and salute and shake hands with the opponent and referee after every fight.
        2. Accept official decisions with good grace; avoid arguments with referees or organisers; ask politely if information or an explanation is needed.
        3. Abide by the instructions of the coach, referee and competition organisers, provided they do not contradict the spirit of this code.
        4. Make every effort to develop their own sporting abilities in terms of skill, timing, tactics, technique, footwork and stamina.
        5. Consistently put in maximum effort and aim for the best possible performance during training and competing.
        6. Set a positive example for others, especially with regards to younger fencers.
        7. Be sporting whether winning or losing, tired or energetic, supported or managing alone.
        8. Accept success and failure as all part of learning to be a better fencer (and person).
        9. Treat all opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the match.
        10.  Be aware of safety in fencing; never run across other fencers’ pistes during fights, avoid violence and rough play and always offer to help injured opponents and help to keep visitors and spectators out of harm’s way.
        11.  Always use appropriate language, never be rude or unpleasant.
        12.  Support fellow members of the club during training and competition and help new members to feel welcome at all times.
        13.  Understand that they must comply with the British Fencing competition rules; take the responsibility of learning about any rules that are relevant to their own competing.
        14.  Never take banned substances or use banned techniques to improve performance or to gain an unfair advantage.
        15.  Always play fair.