Policies & Behaviour

Fencing is an age-old sport closely associated with the values of honour and chivalry. Salle Paul fencers, parents/carers and all those using the Leon Paul Fencing Centre, are expected at all times to conduct themselves in line with these values.

Pledge of Honour

The British Fencing pledge of honour is simply a promise that you will observe the regulations, obey orders, abide by the decisions of the Referees, be respectful and behave in an orderly, courteous and sporting manner.

Salle Paul Policies and Codes of Conduct:

    Child Protection Policy

    Competition Coaching Support Policy

    Code of Conduct for Adult Fencers

    Code of Conduct for Junior Fencers

    Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Volunteers

British Fencing Policies and Codes of Conduct:

    Social Networking Policy

    Coaches Code of Conduct