Medals at LPJS Rickmansworth put fencers into England contention

Posted on November 26, 2017

On 25th/26th November 2017, eighteen Salle Paul fencers participated in the last Leon Paul Junior Series Event of the year at Rickmansworth, with England places still to be fought for in the U13 and U15 squads. Congratulations to all our fencers – you were all winners with your attitude and sportsmanship.

Full results for Salle Paul fencers were:

U9 Boys: SILVER Yaqub Wagdi, BRONZE  Ashley Crees, Felix Bidwell 10th, Harry Roberts 16th
U9 Girls:Eliana Gilbert-Heitler 8th
U11 Girls: SILVER Nathalie Culkin , Iman Abedin in her first ever competition 15th great effort!
U11 Boys: BRONZE Rui Zhao, Ashley Crees 16th, Noah Filbetrt-Heitler 30th, Faraday Walsh 31st, Yuki Nakada in his first ever competition 39th great effort!
U13 Boys: Alexander Culkin 5th, Ali Al-Mohsin 21st
U13 Girls:Jing Zhao 8th
U15 Girls: Amelia Middleton 5th (pictured seated on piste)
U15 Boys: GOLD Dawood  Khan, Shalang Kloas 11th

Many thanks to our coaches for their support during the weekend: Maciej Wojtkowiak, Justyna Osmańska and Anthony Conyard.

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