End of year LPJS rankings for Salle Paul fencers

Posted on December 27, 2017

At the end of 2017, the Leon Paul Junior Series rankings have listed the following final positions for Salle Paul fencers with Alexander Culkin ranked overall in 2nd place in U13; Ashley Crees, Nathalie Culkin and Amelia Middleton were overall 3rd place in their respective age groups in a long season of many competitions. Of particular note was Eliana Gilbert-Heitler, who just started competing this year, for her overall 4th place in the U9 rankings.

Full results for Salle Paul fencers in the LPJS rankings were:

U9 Boys: Ashley Crees 3rd, Yaqub Wagdi 5th, Felix Bidwell 13th
U9 Girls: Eliana Gilbert-Heitler 4th
U11 Boys: Rui Zhao 11th
U11 Girls: Nathalie Culkin 3rd
U13 Boys: Alexander Culkin 2nd, Shalang Kolas 7th, Ali Al-Mohsin 16th
U15 Boys: Dawood Khan 5th, Oliver Strange 7th
U15 Girls: Amelia Middleton 3rd 
Congratulations to you all.

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