Elite fencing

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Richard Kruse

Salle Paul was established in 1931 and since then has trained far more world class fencers than any other club. Three of the London 2012 Olympic men’s foil team started fencing at Salle Paul.

Salle Paul’s head coach Maciej Wojtkowiak is the UK’s lead talent coach for foil and when he is not coaching at the club works for British fencing training the future stars of the British fencing team. Richard Kruse, James Davis and Laurence Halsted who represented Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympics all have been members of Salle Paul since they were teenagers. The club trains and develops far more fencers who go on to represent their country than any other fencing club in the UK.

Salle Paul fencers compete internationally throughout the age categories with international fencers all the way from Cadet to Veterans.

You don’t have to aspire to be great to fence at the club but if you do want to represent your country then there is no better place to fence.