Salle Paul Adult membership is for fencers aged over 20 who have completed a beginner course and who want to fence any night of the week (Monday to Thursday) to develop their fencing skills.  Whether you want to fence competitively or simply fence for fun and fitness, Salle Paul has a range of group sessions to accommodate fencers from Novice to Advanced levels.

What is the cost of Adult membership ?

The Salle Paul Adult membership is £80 per month.  This includes unlimited use of the fencing salle with access to any of the existing group sessions and footwork on Monday to Thursday, Strength & Conditioning training on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays,  and three 1-2-1 lessons per month with a Senior Foil Coach.  Additional lessons can be bought for just £10 for an intensive 15 minute session.

Visiting fencers ?

Salle Paul welcomes visiting fencers, who want to try out our training facilities while thinking about joining the club, or those who are temporarily in London on holiday or business, for competitions or while studying at college or university.

Fencers who are members of other clubs are welcome to join Salle Paul as members simply to use our training facilities, while continuing to compete under their home club.   Adult visitors fees are £17 per night.

Didn’t bring your fencing kit?

No problem, Salle Paul has all the kit that you need to fence that you can borrow for your fencing (except breeches, socks and trainers).

Or, if you want to invest in your own kit please visit or order from the Leon Paul shop and arrange to collect your kit from the Salle Paul office on arrival. That way you can save on postage while being able to fence when you pick up your orders!

(Please be advised that Salle Paul club foils are two pin, French grip and ambidextrous, ie suit left or right handers.  They are not designed for use by Advanced level fencers as we use them mainly for beginners. Sizes 0, 3 and 5).

How to join ?

Adult fencers are welcome to bring their kit and just turn up at Salle Paul to join in.  Just pay a visitor’s fee on the door or arrange to join the club by completing a membership fee when you are at the club.  See our Members’ Timetable for information on our session times or email if you have any other questions before fencing.