Adult Social

The Salle Paul Adult Social membership is on Wednesday nights only.  This membership is specially designed for those fencers who simply want to train one night a week for fun and fitness.  Every Wednesday at 7.30PM we hold a coach-led warm-up, followed by a group footwork session.  Fencers are then able to spar with other members of Salle Paul until closing time at 10.00PM.

This membership is ideal for those whose business or other commitments limit them to just fencing one night of the week. Fencers range from Novice to Advanced level on Wednesday nights.

Fencing development for new fencers

New fencers, who have just completed an Adult Beginner fencing course, are advised to develop their confidence and skills by joining the club as an Adult Social fencer.  As they gain their fencing confidence, they can then decide to become a full Adult member and fence any night of the week.  Of course, for those who get bitten by the fencing bug in their Beginner courses are very welcome to join straight away as full Adult members but many prefer to build up their fencing skills more slowly.

Adult Socials

Each month, on the last night of the Beginner fencing course, Salle Paul fencers and visitors are invited to join us for a social drink on a Wednesday night.  This is a great opportunity to meet other fencers (unarmed !) and to enjoy some social time at the club.  Salle Paul has a large cafe-style lounge area with a large screen TV for watching televised fencing competitions. All welcome to join in!

What is the cost of the Adult  Social membership ?

The Adult Social membership is just £50 per month.  This includes access to Salle Paul on Wednesday evenings only.  Doors open at 5.30PM, group warm-up and footwork from 7.30PM followed by sparring with other Salle Paul fencers until doors close at 10.00PM.  Membership includes use of the Olympic-standard weights area on Wednesday evenings only.  Individual 1-2-1 lessons are not included in the membership cost but can be bought for just £10 for an intensive 15 minute session.

Do I have to buy my own fencing kit ?

Fencers are welcome to borrow club kit but please remember that those on new Beginner courses or attending fencing taster sessions, which are usually on Wednesdays, will have priority to borrow kit.  When fencers join the club they are encouraged to start building up their own sets of fencing kit to make sure they always have kit to play with!

How to join

Fencers are welcome to come to Salle Paul on a Wednesday evening and join in for a taster session.  Just pay our visitor’s fee or complete a membership form to join the club.  Arrive before 7.20pm to join in with the coach-lead group warm-up, footwork and structured fencing session. Email if you have any other questions before fencing.

Membership application