Adult Beginner Fencing Course

Why fencing ?

Fencing is suitable for anyone of any age and fitness level. Whether you want to fence for fitness and fun, or reach competition standard, you will soon be addicted to this exciting and dynamic sport which is often referred to as physical chess.

Benefits of fencing include increased agility and flexibility and great physical conditioning and toning of your core lower and upper body areas including arms and shoulders, stomach, buttocks and thighs. We offer beginner fencing classes starting every 6 weeks that get you straight into the sport.

Are those courses for me ?

The main aim of these classes is to get you fencing as soon as possible because our experience has shown that with a few basic key skills you can start to enjoy fencing right away. Many courses start with endless drills and practice sessions before you get to fence but this is not our ethos.

Alongside getting you fencing as soon as possible we introduce you to the rules, history and tactics of the sport.
A typical session will include group work, one to one attention from the coach, and sparring with other new fencers.

Beginner fencing classes will:

  • Get you fencing as quickly as possible
  • Include all fencing equipment
  • Get you fit and toned
  • Give you both one to one time with a coach and sparring practice with fellow beginners

Good to know

  • The cost is only £80 for 4 sessions of 90 minutes, including all kit and tuition, ie just £20 per session.
  • Courses start every 4 weeks and consist of 4 Wednesday evening sessions from 19:30hrs  – 21:00 hrs
  • After the session we have brand new purpose built changing rooms and a relaxation area with free wi-fi.
  • We include all the fencing equipment you need so all you have to do is turn up in suitable sports clothes (heavy-weight cotton track bottoms are ideal) and regular trainers.
  • Please note that fees cannot be refunded once the course has started or for missed sessions.

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